Heavy Duty L-Bracket

Top tip: Heavy duty L-bracket for Spex back support shells

Published on Wed, 03/21/2018 - 16:24

Following on from some customer feedback, we have found that not many people know that we offer a heavy duty L-bracket for Spex back support shells.

WHO: For users over 136kg or have extreme body movements. 
WHY: These must be prescribed for any users with above conditions otherwise the standard L-brackets may potentially break. 
HOW: Use order code 1259-2405-100 for Upgrade to Heavy Duty Quad Mount Hardware.

William's top tip...

If you are installing a wider backrest on a narrower chair (i.e. an 18 inch backrest on a 16 inch chair), use these brackets as you need to mount through the holes as you can't use the slots.

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