Comfi Back Support

Skin breakdown is most often caused by three combined extrinsic factors: Pressure, shear and moisture.
The Spex Comfi back support foam system was developed to provide a simplistic and affordable approach to basic contouring needs while coupling this with Air-Flow technology. 
Comfi Back Support comes as standard in a full-height Spex-style shell, with outer breathable cover. Can also be scripted to suit the Vigour range of back shells.
Instant immersion / auto-conforming of the foam support unit through the combination of thermosensitive foam & cube technology
Ease of set up for both supplier & prescriber – a truly ‘no fuss’ system that automatically contours itself with instant results.
Ability to tear off cubes to accommodate bony prominences or to relieve tender spots or lesions.
Ultra-conformability over contour build ups – e.g. shape created using Medifab’s Tessellated Shape System – moulds without resistance to both concave and convex flexion
Full air flow technology enhances user experience reducing moisture entrapment and enabling faster evaporation. This also extends the foam lifespan (moisture breaks down many materials / speeds up deterioration)
Swap out the upholstery unit at any future point to full Spex contouring system if required, utilising same shell & mounting hardware


Spex Comfi Back Support
Spex Comfi Back Support