Spex Back Support

Easily solve upper torso needs for most wheelchair users with the Spex exceptional upholstery section. Incorporates Spex contouring cube system to allow on-the-spot customisations for torso comfort and asymmetry needs.
Rectangle shape style fits between the wheelchair canes, while T shape sits in front of the wheelchair canes. New Surface style also sits in front of the canes and gives greater support in the shoulder and pelvic areas. 
  • Effortless customisations
  • On-the-spot adaptions for changing postural needs
  • Instant results
  • Cubes can be removed and added at any time
  • Contouring doesn’t move or slip out of adjustment
  • Additional contouring support wedges can be used to further enhance the degree of contouring.



  • Adjusting the Contouring Cube System
  • Spex Back support with Dual-Mount hardware
  • Surface style Spex back support