Spex Kidz - Tiny Wheelchair Seating

Premier Wheelchair Seating for Paediatrics!

Because of the need to get children seated and positioned early in life, Medifab offer the Spex Kidz seating range, with sizes 10" - 12" wide (of course our normal sizes go all the way to 20"!). Spex Kidz means that even the very young can be strategically equipped from the start with the merits that Spex brings in maintaining effective seating and positioning.

What does Spex Kidz bring you?

  • Growth adjustable cushions, backrests and postural accessories
  • Adjustable and adaptable seating that performs for all postural needs
  • Easy to fit, use and adjust seating systems that works

If you require even smaller cushions and backrests, we supply 8" seating as a custom size (purchase approved only).

How to build a Superhero Spex Kidz Seating System:

1. Choose your Cushion Type depending on the support required: Dualtec, Vigour, Spex Standard, or Spex Hi-Contour

2. Select your Backrest Type to suit the child's need: Vigour or Spex

3. Add Spex Kidz lateral supports if required, or Vigour laterals if long trunk support is needed

4. Add Headrest

5. Add Hip Belt

6. Add Shoulder Harness

7. Enjoy Superhero Seating!

Remember, Spex can make all your custom sizes and personal modifications for every need. Contact us and we can do it!

Spex Kidz
Spex Kidz
  • Spex Kidz
  • Complete Seating Systems available. Shown: Vigour Mid Backrest and Spex adjustable cushion
  • Spex Kidz