Spex Forum

Continue your professional development with attending a SPEX™ Forum. SPEX™ Education and Forum team work in conjunction with our distributors in offering training and educational programs providing clinical and technical information, product features and the SPEX™ methodology of obtaining great seating results with SPEX™ products.

Attendees include seating clinicians, Physical and Occupational therapists, technicians, case managers,  funding body staff, and of course our enthusiastic SPEX™ distributors.

SPEX™ Forums are fun and interactive presentations that will engage the clinician with the objective of promoting optimal positioning, function, ease of use and overall faster results when performing and prescribing seating for persons in wheelchairs.

Our Forums involve case studies and our popular "hands-on" interaction session using SPEX™ products which attendees learn strategies to create successful clinical outcomes for complex asymmetrical positioning needs.

See upcoming Australian and New Zealand Forums.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Reduce time and stress, and be efficient and skilled through precise professionalism.
  2. Introduction to the capabilities and benefits of SPEX™ seating.
  3. Facilitating complex seating solutions in minimal time and effort.
  4. Discover a vast range of “off-the-shelf” seating for most postures.
  5. Hands-on training and experimenting with asymmetric postures.
  6. Seating outcomes and improvements.
  7. Sustainability through reduction of therapist time and increase of reissuable solutions.
  8. The active wheelchair user and VIGOUR™ seating systems.


  • “Very interesting. I now feel much more comfortable to use Spex and predict it will meet a lot of my clients' needs.” Ashleigh
  • “Very interesting forum that provided a lot of educational material about Spex and product range.” Sally
  • “An exciting alternative to fixed customised/moulded seating! I'm trying next week! ” Irene
  • “Great presentation overall, very informative, product is variable and a great tool to have as a therapist.” Gail
  • “The Spex seating system seems to be the most adaptable for the largest variety of clients.” Kathleen
  • “The Spex range seems to offer an adjustable, adaptable and customisable option on an off-the-shelf product. It offers a cost effective seating option as it can be adjusted as the client's needs change. ” Katrina
  • “Presenter very knowledgeable of products - Able to show use with clients. Good to see real stories. ” Emma
  • “Seems a great product especially for postural correction and comfort.” Lauren
  • “Good range of information and relevant content for OT practice.” Kylee
  • "Made Assessing and treating clients with complex needs less scary giving me the confidence to meet their needs." Jordana
  • "Presentation was very interesting & informative + hands-on. The product appears more client-centered and works around the client." Aimee

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