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Spex Back Support Shell

Boletín de Detalles Técnicos:

Actualización Fundamental 1: Se ha añadido una columna de ranuras interiores horizontales a las carcasas de 12” de ancho en adelante, permitiendo 60mm más de ajuste en ancho aplicable para todos los montajes.

  • Puede seguir instalando a cualquier altura utilizando las ranuras para montaje habitual.

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Spex Back Supports


Bollettino tecnico dettagliato: 

Aggiornamento chiave 1: Una colonna di intagli orizzontali è stata aggiunta nei gusci da 12 pollici in su, aggungendo 60mm di regolazione laterale per tutti i tipi di attacco:

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Back Shell

We're excited to announce that we've made some improvements and added extra features to our standard back support shells! 

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We are very pleased to announce that Celtic Therapy and Rehab Services is our preferred supplier for the NHS sector throughout the UK.

The team at Celtic are poised and ready to support the NHS right now with a limited range of common products stocked in Swansea. 

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Clinical Justification for Head Supports

This article is for wheelchair users and prescribers of wheelchairs who want to understand more about why a head support may be required and how to justify the need.


What is the purpose of a head support and what are the benefits?

The head support on a wheelchair serves a variety of functions.

  1. To provide posterior support to the back of the head during transit to prevent whiplash when travelling in a vehicle.

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Why Is the SuperShape Back Support Softness Important?

Supershape® provides an extra supportive wheelchair back solution, with Shape Technology for contouring to provide postural integrity, pressure relief, and comfort. In this video, Bruce Mascull uncovers the purpose of the SuperShape back support softness and why achieving the right density is important for wheelchair users with varying postural needs.

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What is the difference between the Spex Classic and the Spex SuperShape back supports?

View the video where Bruce Mascull, General Manager at Spex Seating provides a detailed comparison between the Spex Classic and Spex SuperShape back supports which will help to uncover the design that is best suited for you and your seating needs.

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Bariatric Seating Solutions: Considerations for People of Size With Postural Asymmetry and Wheeled Mobility Needs

This clinical resource will discuss some of the differences between bariatric and non-bariatric populations and key considerations in providing seating solutions for this wheelchair user cohort. It is important to understand this because failure to match technology to the person’s needs can result in adverse consequences relating to pressure management, postural support, and/or comfort. Body shapes can be so different and seating solutions need to respond accordingly. Obesity is on the rise – “In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight.

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This article is for clinicians and prescribers of wheelchairs who may be working with individuals with Dementia. It is intended to raise awareness of the postural changes associated with the condition and provide solutions as to how we can respond with seating solutions for those in the more advanced stages of the condition when independent mobility is affected. Spex recently held a webinar “Immersed and Enveloped Positioning” in collaboration with Jo De Clercq, Physical Therapist, at De Wingerd Care Facility in Belgium (de Clerq & Churchill, 2021).

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What will the adventure be for you this holiday season? What will the excitement bring? Where will your quest for action and drama take you?

Or maybe you'll take the time to sit back and relax, take it easy, enjoy a break, and spend time with the people you love?

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Victor's Spex Story

Victor – a young man who happily resides with his parents in Cancun, Mexico. Victor was born with Cerebral Palsy and since birth has required a wheelchair for all his daily activities. Going to the beach and playing with his team in baseball league are the two things Victor enjoys doing most. With a substantial amount of his time spent in a wheelchair, Victor’s posture needs to be supported correctly so he can continue doing the things he loves.

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Care, Maintenance, and Management of the Spex Cushions

The selection, orientation and care of a cushion all play a vital role in maintaining good postural support and skin integrity for the user. Fabric covers can become worn, cushions may not be positioned correctly, and unprotected foam can lose its functional properties needed for positioning and pressure relief management.

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