Carlee Holmes Spex Testimonial

Melbourne-based neurological physiotherapist Carlee Holmes enjoys the quality and flexibility of the SPEX wheelchair seating range from Medifab.

“The products provide the flexibility to make adjustments on-the-spot, rather than having to slice foam or organize custom moulding. For complex seating, the SPEX products provide a great first base.”

Carlee works in the public health system, and also in private practice at Synapse Physio (, where she treats young adults and adults with disabilities related to a range of neurological conditions including stroke, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

She uses a number of the SPEX wheelchair seating products and associated harnesses in her practice.

“One of the major issues in providing optimal seating for my clients is to ensure that hip flexion contracture, pelvic obliquity and a range of postural asymmetries can be adjusted for.  The SPEX products allow me to make these adjustments with ease.”

Carlee says the adaptability of the foam pads provide good contact between the back rest and the patient’s back. “The placement of the foam pads can be easily adjusted to fill in postural asymmetries and provide superior back support.”

Medifab hold regular SPEX forums which has seating workshops designed to demonstrate to clinicians the extent of what the products can do, particularly when it comes to solving difficult postures.

Carlee attended a recent forum in Melbourne, where she presented a case study of a client with major postural issues including, a hip flexion contracture; flexible pelvic obliquity; scoliosis; lateral trunk flexion; fixed anterior pelvic tilt with associated increased lumbar Lordosis; leg length difference; and pressure issues on both scapula.

Using this set up with the SPEX cushion, Carlee was able to accommodate the leg length difference (customised) and hip flexion contracture to provide correction of the pelvic obliquity.

The backrest was able to be fitted to the client’s posture and provide support and pressure relief using the following set up.

The cushion and backrest were used in conjunction with SPEX laterals, thigh guides and pelvic loc.

The end result was a correction of flexible postural asymmetries; accommodation of fixed postural asymmetries; improved pressure care; increased comfort; and increased function noted by an increased ability to use his upper limbs which is especially important in driving PWC.

Carlee was happy to share this very complex case at the SPEX forum, which she believes is a great way for clinicians to keep up with the latest innovations from SPEX and to share different ways of using the products.

“There were several people at the last forum who hadn’t seen or used the products before, who came away quite impressed.”

Carlee also values the relationship with her Melbourne-based SPEX consultant. “My rep is great and keeps me right up to date with any new products or innovations in the range.”