Add a Splash of Colour!

Stand out from the crowd with some colourful Spex seating!

Choose from Chilli Red, Mango Orange, Bumblebee Yellow, Leaf Green, Ocean Blue, Royal Purple, Calypso Pink, Granite Grey, or the standard Black, to brighten up your Spex cushion, back support, and head support!

Our renowned coloured fabric is highly versatile and breathable 3-D spacer mesh fabric, made with high grade materials and built to last. 

Chilli Red
Mango Orange
Bumblebee Yellow

Add a splash of signature Spex red to radiate a spirit of strength, stability, and sway!

A vivid and friendly orange, emanating the festive vibes of a Mexican beach gala.

A warm and vibrant yellow radiating your inner happiness and personality.


Royal Purple
Ocean Blue
Leaf Green

Exude an aire of elegance and royalty with this rich and deep tone. Featuring accents of orchid, violet, and lavender, this shade will accentuate your inmost nobility.

A fresh and cool aqua blue, giving you the casual yet fashionable vibe that you deserve.

A subtle shade that embodies the intangibles of innovation and inspiration - a stimulant to your creativity. 


Calypso Pink
Granite Grey
Jet Black

Pretty in pink! Create a jovial and jazzy appearance with this pleasant shade of cerise.

Create a chic and exclusive image with this classy shade of grey.

A sombre yet elevated and timeless tone. Match me with a black wheelchair frame for the bold and classic look.