Creating comfort for Nick

Nick is a very bright and cheerful young man with a fantastic sense of humor. Nick has Cerebral Palsy Spastic Quadriplegia. He lives on a Dairy Farm and loves the outdoors and getting out with this father among the animals.

Nick has hip flexion contractures of 40 degrees on his left leg, 60 degrees on his right leg and with his extensive tone. He needs very strong seating hardware, and good positioning and support to control his posture and complexity of his condition.

Last week Nick needed a complete review of his seating system. This is where we stepped in. Nick lives almost 4 hours from us, but we invited the family to come to our clinic where our technicians could complete everything for him.

Here is a list of what Spex prescribed for Nick:

  • Spex Supershape back support with upgrade to Merino woolen cover to help with temperature regulation. To help support his tone, the firm grey pads were used throughout the back contouring section for maximum support.             
  • Fully customized cushion. We needed to get a deep ischial well to prevent him from sliding forwards out of his cushion.       
  • Axial trunk laterals with upgraded gel pads          
  • Compact head pad positioning
  • Lateral support mounted to his footplate to help guide left foot movement
  • Cushion retainer brackets to hold cushion in place and prevent sliding backwards.

Nick’s face beamed with excitement when he saw the final finished cushion. He had personally picked out the bright Bumblebee Yellow border for the outer cover.

Nick quickly relaxed into the new contours of the cushion that now provided the exact support and accommodation of his pelvis and legs, his smile was proof that he was now comfortable. With the cushion now perfect, the backrest contours and lateral positions now were able to be fitted to support his trunk.

Nick is so much happier with his finalised seating system from Spex, and his parents report his general well-being has improved.