Joel Harris

Joel Harris

Marketing Specialist at Medifab Ltd
Medifab at Rehacare 2019

Team Medifab at the Rehacare Exhibition; Düsseldorf, Germany.

We’re excited to have been a part in the world’s leading trade fair for rehabilitation and care, along with over 700 exhibitors from 40 countries. Thanks to those who came to experience the Medifab passion, in our search for global partners who are skilled in Seating & Positioning.

Enjoy our video of the action!


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See Medifab at Rehacare 2019!

The team at Medifab are exhilarated to be exhibiting this year's Rehacare exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany!

Rehacare is the international trade fair for rehabilitation, prevention, inclusion, and care. With over 40 years of experience, Rehacare offers a mixture of information and communication possibilities for people with disabilities, in need of care, elderly, or with chronic diseases.

Medifab is looking to expand our dealer network, so we are on the lookout for passionate companies that are skilled in Seating & Positioning...are you interested?

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Medifab at the PMG Conference 2019

Medifab exhibited at the PMG Conference giving the attendees the Spex experience of innovation and passion! Watch our video and experience the buzz on the stand...


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Width Adjustment Bracket Upgrade for Quad & Single Mount Back Support Hardware

Introducing the new Width Adjustment Bracket Upgrade for Quad & Single Mount Back Support Hardware!

This new mounting component provides greater flexibility when mounting back supports that are narrower than the wheelchair. The current Spex quad and single mount hardware L-brackets slide into this simple attachment, which relocates your mounting point 30mm further in from the lateral mounting slots. This allows for a total of 60mm narrower adjustment (30mm on each side of the back support).

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Watch and learn from Bruce Mascull, as he gives an overview of the Spex range of Medial Knee Supports.




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Medifab Reps Present at Otago University

This week, Medifab Reps, William Mascull and Charlie Fisher attended the Otago School of Physiotherapy in Dunedin, New Zealand to present to a room of 2nd year Physiotherapy Students.

"We coached them through the scripting of manual wheelchairs and what clients suit each style of chair, and also touched on seating," William said.

A total of 120 students attended in total over the four separate classes coached by the Reps.

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Nova Spex Fitting Centre

Our Spex Seating dealer in Taiwan has just opened a purpose-built wheelchair fitting centre in downtown Taipei, Taiwan. 

This modern development is complete with an indoor wheelchair track and ramps for visitors to trial the chairs, as well as an interactive 'Spex Wall' display for visitors to personalise their wheelchair with a seating system that meets their individual postural and functional requirements.  

Medifab thanks Nova for their support and passion for Spex seating and this is shown in their dedication to the Spex brand. 

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Ottobock South Africa

Medifab is pleased to announce Ottobock as official South African distributor for the Spex range of specialist seating for wheelchairs and strollers. By partnering with Ottobock South Africa, Medifab is excited to open yet another country in addition to our growing international reach of the Spex brand.



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Lateral Pad Foam Update

The foam used in the Spex Lateral Trunk Support Pads has been updated, now featuring a softer foam than the previous version. This comes as a result of feedback we have received from several therapists. In response to this feedback, we have recreated our lateral pads to have the added comfort of slightly softer foam, but not compromising postural support. There is no change to the size or style of pads.

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Extended Quad Mount L-Bracket

The back support L-brackets for quad mount have been updated, now being 20mm longer than the old brackets. This is to allow narrower back supports to be mounted on wider chairs. When using these updated brackets on a wheelchair, 40mm of additional extension can be achieved.

This change is effective from the 1st of August 2018.

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PMG Conference 2018

Last week the Medifab team shared their knowledge at the PMG Conference in Manchester UK. Joana Santiago, Clinical Educator at Medifab, presented "Spex, on-the-spot custom contouring seating system" as part of the conference programme. See a small part of her presentation in the below video.


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Giving those with Access Needs, an Entry into the Mainstream Market

Meet Grace Stratton, a user of Spex Wheelchair Seating and a passionate advocate for those with access needs. Medifab has provided Grace with assistive technology and wheelchair seating ever since she was a child.

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