This week, Medifab Reps, William Mascull and Charlie Fisher attended the Otago School of Physiotherapy in Dunedin, New Zealand to present to a room of 2nd year Physiotherapy Students.

We coached them through the scripting of manual wheelchairs and what clients suit each style of chair, and also touched on seating

– William said.

A total of 120 students attended in total over the four separate classes coached by the Reps.

It was awesome to see the interest and enthusiasm in the future generation wheelchair seating therapists!

– William said.

The coaching sessions came as a result of Medifab’s keen enthusiasm in spreading knowledge and experience, as we believe that this is an extremely important factor to Shaping Better Lives in the future. What better place to do this than a University! For the students, this meant they were given the opportunity to absorb the power of Medifab knowledge and years of experience, learning from the people who see and deal with the things the students learn about every day.

A big thank you to our “Shaping-Better-Lives-Legends”, William and Charlie, for making this an amazing experience!