About Spex in Canada

Just two months after Spex was released to Canada as a collaboration with Sunrise Medical – Spex by Jay – the new line of seating has only grown in popularity among therapists and wheelchair clinicians across Canada and North America as a proven clinical seating solution. Spex takes a unique approach to clinical wheelchair seating, offering a modular solution that is adaptable in shape, angles, contours and comfort to suit many different wheelchair users. Adjustable modular wheelchair seating allows for shape changes on-the-spot to accommodate changing patients’ needs. From the current posture, moving through time, we can meet the future needs of individuals by adjusting the modular seating with the same system instead of buying new products. The possibilities are endless.To learn more about the new Spex® Line by JAY® in Canada, please visit www.sunrisemedical.ca.

Hear the Sunrise Canada team present the highlights of Spex at the CSMC, May 1-2 2018: