Custom Modifications

No one is the same.

This statement rings true for almost anything. Your character, your tastes, your personality, your looks, your fingerprints... they are all unique to you. At Spex we understand this, and this is the reason why we offer extensive customisations to almost any item from the Spex Seating range to suit the specific needs of your patient, and accommodate their unique postural and functional requirements.


To see the custom options available for Spex Cushions, you can download our Build-Your-Own Cushion scripting guide in the downloads section. Below are some examples of cushion customisations.

Custom Granite Grey cushion with extended contouring on each side for leg positioning and abduction in the contouring (contouring at rear of cushion is wider than the front).

Custom Black cushion with regular SuperHigh contouring and pommel at the front, and no contouring at the rear of the cushion.


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