Compact Head Support

Spex™ Compact Head Support

Basic, compact head support for clients with good head control.

Two Mechanism options:

  • Standard multi-adjustable mechanism
  • Reach multi-adjustable mechanism (for more forward positioning)

Spex™ Headrest Advantage:

  • Softly padded foam inner head support, with supple upholstery covers
  • Powerful clamp mechanism allows super-quick release and prevents lateral movement
  • Extra strong and non-wobbly. Ball linkages secure with hex-head bolts which can be tightened fast.
  • No protruding bar at rear.
  • Exceptional carer-friendly design doesn’t harm anyone pushing the wheelchair.
  • Goose-necked stem permits additional fine-tuning, forward and rearward.
Compact Head Support
Compact Head Support
  • Compact Head Support
  • Compact Head Support