Fixed Thigh Supports

Spex Fixed Thigh Supports facilitate optimum thigh alignment and stabilise the sitting posture of the user, ensuring they have the precise support they require. While its angle is fixed, the Fixed Thigh Support is adjustable in stepped height adjustment and depth adjustment along the slots in the thigh support pad plate.
Like all Spex systems, the Fixed Thigh Support has a modular approach, creating flexibility and takes into consideration the individual and unique needs of different clients. Available in either Quick-Release or Swing-Down, the Spex thigh support system ensures that the user has easy access in and out of the chair for transfers. 
Spex is designed to mount on almost any chair and seating system, and the thigh support systems are no different! The Fixed Thigh Supports are available with either a Seat Base Mount to mount directly to the seat base of the wheelchair, or with a Rail Mount to attach directly to the chair's seat rail.
Couple your thigh support with a Spex Arm Support! We offer Arm and Thigh Support Combos where the arm and thigh support share the same mounting mechanism for a sleek and tidy "all-in-one" solution. These are available in all the same mechanism options (Quick-Release or Swing-Down) and mounting hardware (Seat Base or Seat Rail mounts).