Spex Curved Lateral Supports

Spex™ Curved Pad Laterals

Anterior support for increased comfort and spinal extension.

  • Swing-away laterals have robust angle adjustment that can be ‘tuned’ to suit the trunk of the client
  • Brackets are built tough, with special rubber pads to stop slippage
  • Swing mechanism cannot be unintentionally released for added security
  • Comfortable high-density foam padding with washable covers
  • Mix and match pads to suit the user - e.g. install a different style lateral each side

Spex™ modular lateral supports offer optimum trunk support whilst improving balance, posture and comfort. Select from a range of exceptional pad designs to help maintain the user in a functional position.

The brackets are adjustable in all planes: height, width, depth and lateral angle for ultimate trunk orientation.

Different pad choices can be combined and you can even use 2 laterals per side for different points of control.

Spex Curved Laterals
Spex Curved Laterals
  • Spex Curved Laterals
  • Spex Curved Laterals