2 Point Unpadded Hip Belt

Basic hip belt without padding, manufactured with top precision quality. 

The Spex Hip Belt Advantage:

  • Specially designed, durable webbing is 'ridge' woven for maximum grip once adjusted
  • Tough stainless steel adjusters that don't slip out of place
  • Attachment hardware allows for a multitude of positioning options

The hip belt is the primary anterior support in seating, as it helps to maintain the stability of the pelvis. 

Proper placement and use of anterior pelvic supports in a wheelchair or supportive stroller may prevent sliding into maladaptive, unsafe, or non-functional postures. 

Hip Belt Installation Tips:

  • For maximum effect, position the attachment points of the hip belt as close to the user as possible
  • Positioning the main (wide) straps below the ASIS* reduces the possibility of the pelvis slipping under the belt
  • The selection and set-up of the cushion and backrest influences the position and stability of the pelvis

*Anterior Superior Iliac Spine

2-point unpadded hip belt
2-point unpadded hip belt