Spex Wheelchair Hip Belt Range

Spex™ Wheelchair Anterior Hip Belts

Manufactured with top precision quality, the Spex™ Hip Belt range caters for a wide range of anterior pelvic positioning needs. Specially designed webbing and non-slip attachments

The Spex™ Advantage:

  • Professionally hand-made for quality
  • Soft comfortable pads offer excellent resilience, water resistance, and conform to the body without creasing.
  • Durable polyester webbing is ‘ridge’ woven for maximum grip once adjusted.
  • Tough stainless steel adjusters.
  • Attachment hardware allows a multitude of positioning options.
  • Smooth, soft polyester binding is comfortable against sensitive skin.
  • Sleek pad designs reduce coverage to minimise sweating.
  • Harness follows natural contours of the body.
  • Dynamic fabric accommodates movement while maintaining positioning.

How to select the right Hip Belt

1. Select Belt Type

  • 2-Point: Two points of attachment to the wheelchair. Suitable for mild – moderate positioning requirements.
  • 4-Point: Four points of attachment to the wheelchair. Main straps position the belt then the subordinate straps anchor the belt in position for enhanced support and also prevents it from sliding up into the abdomen or twisting etc.

2. Select Buckle

  • Side-Release Buckle: Simple and easy to click together and undo.
  • Centre-Release Buckle: Robust design that will be strong enough to keep the user positioned and safe.
  • Steel Anti-Escape buckle: For clients with challenging or escaping behaviour. Proven extremely successful to prevent individuals with inquisitive fingers, or learning difficulties from releasing the buckle. Operates in reverse to a normal buckle, and disengages by raising a spring-loaded lever (will not press release).

3. Select Pull Style

Centre Pull 

  • Operator: User or Carer.
  • Adjustment: Tensions at the centre of the buckle. 
  • Applications: Clients with low muscle tone or weakness.  

Side Pull 

  • Operator: Carer. 
  • Adjustment: Tensions from the rear of the pad pulling toward the centre, meaning there is more ‘force’ which is great for enhanced positioning. 
  • Applications: Clients with high muscle tone. Counters pelvic rotation by allowing the caregiver to position one side of the pelvis, lock it in place and then position on the other side.  

Dual Centre-Pull

  • Operator: User or Carer.
  • Adjustment: Tensions from both sides at the centre of the buckle. 
  • Applications: Clients requiring greater adjustment range and to accommodate varying layers of clothing etc. 

These harnesses are a positioning device only. Do not use as a safety restraint in vehicles