Grid-Base Seat Pan

Spex Grid-Base seat pans offer a lightweight yet very strong base, and easily install to the wheelchair frame.

The seat pan provides a solid base platform for cushions and has a grid of hole positions for mounting auxiliary support such as thigh and arm supports, and any other postural accessories to.

Unique design is width adjustable for growth and versatility, and to suit different wheelchair widths. Each size has up to 3 ½ inches of width adjustment to accommodate growth.

New hardware design means that when the seat pan is removed, no hardware remains on the seat pan. One hardware system is both quick-release and non-removable. 

Crash tested and certified for forward facing transportation in a motor vehicle to WC20 & ISO16840-4 standards, the Spex Grid-Base Seat Pan gives the wheelchair chassis the structural foundation to build any configuration of seating.