Medifab was recognised for its world-leading disability product technology development at the biennial Australian Better Technology Awards event on the Gold Coast, held on 29th July 2016.

The Engineers Australia Better Technology Award recognises products designed to be used by people with a disability which incorporate the principles of good design.


Medifab’s axial technology as featured in the Spex wheelchair seating range took second prize in the commercial category.

The Rolleston-based cutting edge manufacturer of Spex wheelchair seating and Shuttle Discovery paediatric mobility equipment, has developed the Axial technology to enable optimum positioning for clinically complex clients. This fulfils a need where traditional seating support systems are challenged to provide positioning required.

Medifab also provides other equipment such as walking and standing aids, strollers, car seats and bathroom accessories to help people with physical disabilities.

Medifab has received recognition as a hugely successful Complex Rehab Technology company set to go places with massive product potential and is unsurpassed for its progressive technologies in shaping better lives for wheelchair-bound people, their families, caregivers and nursing staff.

Next month Medifab will take part in the world’s biggest rehabilitation trade fair, Rehacare, in Dusseldorf, Germany.