Miracle is a beautiful 5 year old with Spastic Quadriplegia, who lives in the scenic Haupiri Valley in the West Coast of New Zealand.

Things that Miracle loves include being spun around in her wheelchair, swinging on her swing, and going on the trampoline. Miracle loves her wheelchair most when she is going for walks around the Valley.

To meet her needs, Miracle has recently receieved a new Zippie Iris Wheelchair fitted with Spex Seating. This includes a Spex back support fitted with lateral supports, and a High-contour Spex cushion plus various other positioning supports and harnesses.

Miracle’s little brother Believe loves to climb up and sit in Miracle’s wheelchair and strap himself in – until he realises that he can’t undo the buckles to get out again!

Medifab really enjoy working with Miracle’s family and clinical team, and we look forward to continuing to support Miracle on her journey ahead.

Medifab thanks Miracle and her family for sharing this.