Car Seat

Fully adjustable special seating available in three sizes with excellent postural support options and tilt function.

The Kidsflex car seat is designed to provide optimum postural support for special needs children during travel. With a range of options and adjustments available, the Kidsflex can be configured to allow complete comfort and postural management for your child. Accessories include lateral supports, shoulder supports, pommel, head supports, footrest, etc.

The Kidsflex’ slimline seat cushions coupled with a slim seat base, allow for more space and headroom inside the vehicle. This allows for easier transfers in and out of the car. To make transfers even easier, a swivel base is available to spin the seat so that the caregiver or parent does not strain their back lifting the user over the edge of the car seat.

With an easily adjustable seat base to allow for increased seat depth and a harness that can adjust in length and height, the Kidsflex provides ample growth opportunities.

It is compatible with most vehicles and is designed to be installed in the back seat with the use of the vehicle’s 3-point safety belt. Additional to the vehicle’s seat belt, the Kidsflex comes with a 5-point padded harness to ensure optimum postural support and comfort.