We love to hear feedback from therapists using Spex Seating for their clients! Here are some great tips we recently received from a New Zealand OT: 

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for visiting the three clients with us today. Wow – we learnt a lot, and now feel more comfortable using the Supershape back support and head supports after the session. And the biggest bonus – the clients are in a better position! Here’s some tips that I have jotted down after our session:

  • Dropping the lower edge of the head support to under the occipital
  • Turning the mounting stick for the head support around (they come from the factory the opposite way around) to allow it to drop down
  • Back support – to get immersion and gentle lateral – fold a pink section in ½ and place another over the top (rather than 2 full down the side)
  • To educate carers to get tilt-in-space level for client at the table – suggest they look at the cushion top to get level (not the metal seat base)
  • Back support – with hands pull back on top of the corners of the back support to see if you need to remove the sections (you don’t want the cells pushing the shoulders forward)
  • Head support should not touch the client in upright seating – just when they are in tilt.
  • Put pillow down the back support and pull the insert out to alter it – seriously a brilliant idea – makes alteration so much easier.
  • Head supports – Spex brand use are great to use with clients who only use the head support in tilt.
  • Back supports – the size squares that can be removed are sized to the back support size i.e. 16” or 20” – so if you pull them out label the bag indicating what size back support you got them out of.
  • New cushion – “FLEX” – can get either 5°, 15° or 20° hip flexion (so client with 70° hip flexion) discussed getting more out of the back canes and back support and possibly getting 30° (client with 60° hip flexion). This is a prototype and not yet available, but will be coming soon.

Thanks for your time Charlie.

Occupational Therapist from Otago, New Zealand