A single offset Z-bar axial system was developed and trialled in a previous product, as an initial development into providing greater flexibility in trunk supports in children. This system allowed for a single Z bar to rotate in a circular motion around the fixed end bar clamp axis attached to the seating system. The supporting pad was able to rotate around the axis of the offset Z-bar end.

Expanding on this concept, with technical knowledge acquired through previous design iterations, the new system consists of two offset Z-bars for greater stability and positioning strength, held within clamping devices, allowing for rotation in an elliptical motion of the supporting pad about the axis of the clamped bar ends. With one end fixed to the seating positioning system and the opposite end attached to a positioning pad, a greater range of support was available for greater comfort and hard to achieve positions.

This concept was further developed into the lateral thigh support, using the same technology and design, allowing for positioning shown in the presentation.

By inverting the Z-bar concept into the U-bar concept, this axial rotation mechanism allowed for independently adjustable pads to be developed for the medial thigh support. The elliptical motion, combined with the slots of the plates, allows for a wide variety of positions as shown in the presentation.