Main Topics

Clinical Evidence, Human Biomechanics, Assessment Process, Practical Strategies for Intervention, Clinical Application of products and Case Studies


Sustaining poor postures can have severe and life-threatening complications for people who have a limited ability to change position. Wrong postures combined with the force of gravity impacts the body shape negatively and can be linked with the development of contractures, reduced range of motion, problems with spasticity/muscle tone, pain, poor physiological functioning, decrease of functional ability, and so on, and so on…
Not only awareness, but analysis of habitual postures throughout the 24-hour period is essential so we can prevent, delay, or even restore asymmetric deviations and this way reduce its life-threatening consequences.
With this introductory workshop, we aim to support therapists in the process of analysing, preventing and restoring body shape distortion of their clientele. We will also provide practical strategies for intervention that can be used with both informal and formal type of equipment.