This is the copyright policy for the Medifab Global Group, which includes the companies Medifab Limited and Spex Limited.

In this policy all references to weour or us are to members of the Medifab Global Group.

Ownership of copyright

We or our third-party licensors own all copyright in all product or user manuals, presentations, educational materials, promotional and marketing materials, website content, clinical materials, data, designs, drawings, audio content, video or photographic works, or other content that we provide or make available to you in any form and via any media (Content).

Use of Content

If we provide you with copies of or access to any Content, you may only use that Content for the purpose for which we provided it to you, or for such other purposes that we have agreed with you in writing.

You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, display, republish, transmit, sell or otherwise communicate to the public any of the Content except with our prior written permission.

If we permit you to reproduce, distribute, display, republish, transmit, sell or otherwise communicate any Content, then unless we agree otherwise with you in writing:

  • you must include with that Content an appropriate attribution to us, in a form satisfactory to us;
  • you must not remove or alter any copyright or other ownership notices or statements included within that Content;
  • you must obtain our sign-off to the final form of any material that incorporates the Content; and
  • we do not warrant or represent that any of the Content is accurate, reliable, up to date or error-free, or that your use of the Content will not infringe any third party’s rights. If we allow you to make use of the Content, then that use is entirely at your own risk.

Infringement of copyright

If you believe that we have infringed your copyright, please write to us at with details of the alleged infringement, and we will investigate your complaint.