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Evie Spex Comfi Head Support


In order to prevent the worsening of negative postures in children, effective seating and positioning children as early as possible is a necessity. The Spex seating range is available in paediatric sizes from 10" wide, with smaller seating available as custom.

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Create shapes, contours and comfort for wheelchair users with the SuperShape back support’s extreme contouring capabilities. SuperShape provides postural integrity, pressure relief and moulding to individual trunk shapes of various patients.

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Patented Axial Technology

Patented mechanically rotational system allows the lateral pad to rotate to correctly align to the user’s trunk.

Axial technology provides the correct support structure with unique hardware; select lateral pads from a huge range available to provide the exact snug fitting that is required.

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There are two new updates to the Lateral Thigh Support and Arm Support Combos.

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Winnie and Billy
Check out Poppy, Billy, and Winnie modelling a special customised doggie harness from Spex. How safe and comfortable do these little doggies look? The specially crafted harnesses made by the Spex team prevent these dogs from getting tangled up in their leashes; and keep them comfortable, as a dog harness disperses pressure over a larger area of their bodies, reducing strain on their necks and backs.
Here's some feedback from Poppy's owner,
Poppy has used her harness from about 5 months to her current age of 11 months.
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