Become a
Spex Model!
Lily enjoying sitting in her Quickie Iris

We would love to showcase your smile in our marketing! Glam up for a professional photo or video shoot and become a Spex Ambassador. Embrace the limelight!

Spex is more than just a
cushion, a back support,
or a head support…

Spex is an experience, a journey, a story; and we need your smile to tell it! We can tell the world about how comfortable Spex is, but why not show the world? Show the colours of your personality, the bold hues of your individuality, your unbridled energy, and the joys of being supported and comfortable!

What Does It
Involve and
Who Is Eligible?

This is where the fun happens! There are so many ways that we could capture your smile. Depending on what you are up for, we could arrange anything from a written blog story with images, to a professional photo shoot or video shoot!… anything to capture your Spex story!

Anyone can be a model. Anyone with a beautiful story. The only exception, they must be current users of Spex Seating, or who want to be.

Medifab will always compensate for your participation, and this is arranged depending on the way you wish to share your story.

What Does It
Look Like?

Below are some of our favourite Spex stories. This could be you!

10 years old
Alyssa's Story
"She loves it because it means that she can actually relax and just be herself"
Callum enjoying the comfortable SPEX equipment as he goes for a ride with his dog
Callum Flett  
24 years old
Meet Callum Flett
Callum lives a vibrant life in his hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand.
Women sits in her wheelchair holding a coffee outdoors.
32 years old
Kylee's Story
"A wheelchair doesn't limit me..."
Behind the

Below are some behind-the-scenes images at two of our recent photo shoots.