Meet Alyssa, a 10-year-old girl with Rett Syndrome.

See how Medifab is making a difference by providing support to both her and those who care for her. Alyssa has a Zippie Iris children’s wheelchair supplied by Medifab, fitted with Spex wheelchair seating including the popular Vigour Hi Back Support. This combination provides Alyssa with the needed support and ultimately a greater quality of life!

“We have a new wheelchair through Medifab, that’s comfortable, it’s safe… yeah, she loves it because it means that she can actually relax and just be herself. With the new wheelchair and the Spex seating, it’s a lot more comfortable, it provides a lot more support in the laterals, she doesn’t slide now… when she goes shopping, she can spend 10, 12 hours in that wheelchair!”

Rett syndrome is a neurological disorder, that mostly affects females – about 1 in 12,000. The symptoms of Rett syndrome are similar to those of autism and cerebral palsy and it can be misdiagnosed as those disorders.

Whilst girls and women affected by Rett syndrome may have difficulty communicating verbally and physically, it is important to realise that they experience a full range of emotions and understand more than they can express. They have engaging personalities and will enjoy taking part in social, educational and recreational activities at home and in the community.


“We’ve just got to be dedicated to helping her through and having a normal life like any other kid.”

Alyssa’s parents engage her in what is known as equitherapy – a term for a broad range of equine-assisted activities for those with physical, emotional, cognitive, and social difficulties. It can include therapeutic horseback riding activities such as hippotherapy which uses the horse’s movement, and rhythmic and repetitive walk, as a foundation to improve an individual’s sensory processing.

“Alyssa loves pony riding. She just loves coming here [Waikato Equitherapy] and enjoying the atmosphere, enjoying the ride, and just loves being in this sort of environment.”

Hear Alyssa’s story…