Lateral Thigh
Support and Arm
Support Combos

There are two new updates to the Lateral Thigh Support and Arm Support Combos.

  1. Greater height adjustment of the arm support
  2. Discontinuing the Fixed Mount Hardware

With the first product change to the Combo Axial Thigh and Arm Supports this allows for greater height adjustment of the arm support. The previous design had a separate plate for the Axial Thigh Support bars to be attached to, however it restricted the height adjustment of the arm supports. As seen in the image below the new design is one single plate instead of two and can now achieve an extra 40mm lower in height than previously possible. This does not affect the design of the Fixed Thigh and Arm Supports, as the full height adjustment range of the arm support is already possible with this combination.


From now on, Spex is discontinuing the Fixed Mounting Hardware. The two available options are: Swing-Down and Quick-Release. If a fixed mount option is required, this can be achieved with the quick-release mount by simply adding two screws as shown in the video below.