Helping people’s lives with passion and enthusiasm!

His purpose is to bring better postures, comfort, and well-being to all wheelchair users WORLDWIDE! His passion for ‘shaping better lives’ is achieving remarkable outcomes on 6 continents.

His early career was working alongside occupational therapists and physiotherapists while travelling the entire New Zealand countryside solving equipment needs for people with physical impairment conditions like cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, brain injuries and spinal injuries etc.

Bringing 18 years of experience in helping wheelchair users to reach their comfort and functional goals, he has a solid understanding of the CRT industry. His passion for posture and solving complex cases for people with highly asymmetric body postures with simple but very effective methods is enlightening the complex rehab industry and challenging traditional methods of seating.

Distinguished achievements include pioneering and developing ground-breaking contouring seating technology.

Bruce’s creative leadership has masterminded innovations and he keeps pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with adaptable seating for wheelchair users with changing needs.

Consistently working with leading specialists throughout the industry from the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and many other countries, Bruce contributes a trilogy of sound knowledge, experience, and innovation.