Meet Sofía Bello, Clinical Educator and Physical Therapist at Spex Seating

Sofía Bello, Argentinian Physical Therapist graduated from the University of El Salvador, Buenos Aires, with twelve years of experience in the field of neuro–rehabilitation. Qualified in Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT Bobath), postural care management and specialized in seating and mobility. She developed her clinical background in pediatric Neuromotor Rehabilitation, working at A. E. D. I. N (an organization well recognized in South America specialising in paediatric patients with neurological conditions, including Cerebral Palsy.)

Furthermore, based on her studies on different approaches for the 24-hour postural care management and wheelchair service training packages, she has performed as a Clinical Educator for Rehavita, a company that provides assistive technology services, carrying out assessments and training on seating and mobility throughout the Argentine territory. At the same time, she has been representing Asistiva as a Clinical Educator with Silvana Contepomi, PT in seating and mobility and 24/7 postural care management, providing assessments and training.

While working on different enterprises, she has carried out social initiatives, such as “Todos Incluidos”, a project based on education and collecting data of populations with difficulties in accessing assistive technology services, leading the way to an improvement in the quality of life and participation of the community.

As a member of the Argentine Assistive Technology Association and the Argentine Neurodevelopmental treatment Therapist Association, she also participated in national and international conferences on Neuro Rehabilitation with an emphasis on seating, mobility and postural care management, taking part on several occasions, as a translator.

All the job experience and academic achievements, wouldn’t have been possible without the inspiration of Jerónimo, her late brother, who suffered a spinal cord injury during a Rugby match in 2016, causing him to ventilate after serious damage to his respiratory system. During this traumatic experience of approximately four years, it came to extreme importance, not only the family’s cooperation but also the access to the right treatment and wheelchair. Hence, Jerónimo’s wish was for all people to have equity in the access of these services. This becomes crucial when finding and providing the appropriate wheelchair impacts on the participation of life. That has been Sofía’s motto ever since.