A young man living in Fiji has been gifted a life-changing solution from the Shaping Better Lives team at Spex Seating.

Navi lives with a condition called Spastic Cerebral Palsy, which means movement is extremely difficult for him due to his increased muscle tone on both sides of his body. He requires assistance with many activities in his daily life.

The Spex team were first introduced to two children from Fiji, Navi and Christina, who required new seating systems through Motivation Australia – a not-for-profit organisation who run life-saving and life-changing projects in developing countries.

Charitable Work Plays Key Part to the Spex Mission

Here at Spex Seating, charitable work plays a key part in our mission of Shaping Better Lives, and we are committed to giving our support to a variety of charitable causes. It was a heart-felt thrill to offer these donations: a Spex Discovery Stroller for Christina and a specialised Wheelchair and seating solution for Navi. There was no obligation to provide these solutions; however, it was a strong desire to prove how Spex products can really change lives for the better, wherever in the world they may be required.

It is overwhelming to see how the whole organisation has been behind this movement for Navi. From the design team right through to our production and dispatch teams, we all feel humbled to be able to support such a worthy mission and be able to touch someone’s life in this way.

– Bruce, Spex General Manager

Overcoming Pandemic Barriers
The Frank Hilton Organisation

After the initial communication and acceptance of the donation, the Spex team joined an online assessment session with Navi and the teams from Frank Hilton Organisation in Suva, and Motivational Australia. The therapists at the Frank Hilton Organisation provided the hands behind the plinth assessment session for a full evaluation of clinical requirements to gather all necessary details from the evaluated sitting position, such as Navi’s range of movement, details of his scoliosis and tone, and his full set of measurements. This meant the Spex team could draw a proposal of what equipment was required for Navi’s requirements. Once the wheelchair and seating system were delivered there were further virtual meetings for fitting and installation. A truly enlightening and inspirational experience for all involved to overcome the challenges we are all currently facing in today’s world.

The Frank Hilton Organisation is registered as a charitable organisation in Fiji dedicated to address the needs of children with disability and their families since the 1960’s. It operates with the intent to provide essential detection and intervention services through a multidisciplinary, family centered approach, build independence, facilitate inclusion to mainstream and advocate to promote and protect the rights of children with disabilities.

Read more about the Frank Hilton Charitable Organisation here.

Spex Donates $15,000 of Seating Solutions!

Working in with therapists at Frank Hilton to assess clinical requirements, Spex Seating were able to donate Navi a specialised wheelchair and seating solution completely free of charge to support Motivational Australia’s worthy charitable cause.

The Spex Classic Back Support, Classic Cushion and the Stylo Head Support along with the Zippie RS Wheelchair, are just a few of the items that have been donated to Navi, to provide support so that he can control himself better and his caregivers can now easily engage with him on a day-to-day basis.

Navi’s New Vista for Life

Our aim at Spex Seating was to provide a mobility device that would enable freedom in Navi’s daily living and undoubtedly this was achieved.

– Bruce, Spex General Manager

Unlike his previous wheelchair, Navi’s new wheelchair means he can now sit comfortably with his posture supported all day. He also now has an adaptable wheelchair system which will adjust for his ongoing postural requirements.

Navi’s journey with Spex does not end here, as he needs our support, and we will continue to provide for his ongoing needs into the future.