Check out Poppy, Billy, and Winnie modelling a special customised doggie harness from Spex. How safe and comfortable do these little doggies look? The specially crafted harnesses made by the Spex team prevent these dogs from getting tangled up in their leashes; and keep them comfortable, as a dog harness disperses pressure over a larger area of their bodies, reducing strain on their necks and backs.
Here’s some feedback from Poppy’s owner,
Poppy has used her harness from about 5 months to her current age of 11 months. It fits her well and is very strong/ durable considering her excitement and boisterous behaviour during our walks. It is purple and the colour has lasted well over months of use at the sea, beach, rivers and lakes. Perhaps for her birthday Poppy can have a new harness as she has grown a little in length.

The Spex mission of Shaping better lives shines out, whether we are keeping wheelchair users seated comfortably or dogs comfortable while walking! Although this product is not currently available for purchase, we still wanted to share these gorgeous pictures.

Winnie and Billy below styling Spex!