XLella Bariatric Seating Range

XLella is the Spex dedicated Bariatric Range catering for larger user needs and comprising of a range of back support, cushions, and accessories. 

The XLella Bariatric Range provides an off-the-shelf solution, with integrated adjustability and adaptability for potential changing needs. Available in three different styles, the XLella back support range consists of, XLella Vigour, XLella Classic, and XLella2. The XLella cushions are available in two different styles XLella Vigour Standard Contour and the XLella Classic (available in both Standard and High Contour) are the two different styles to meet individual needs.


Vigour Back SupportClassic Back SupportXLella2 Back Support
Planar rigid bariatric back support for minimal postural requirements.Rigid back support with contouring capabilities to shape and configure.A biangular back support with two adjustable sections to accommodate gluteal shelf and excess adipose tissue.



 XLella VigourXLella ClassicXLella2 Biangular

Padding ThicknessModerate padding thickness.Thicker padding for adjustments in the foam contouring layers.Moderate padding thickness.
Adjustment No contour adjustment.Moderate contour adjustment using cube system.Maximum contour adjustment using hinge profile curvature system.
Mild contour for comfort.
Will provide support for bariatric users without contouring needs.
Build up Spex positioning cubes to create contouring. Add padding to the top of the back support to relieve the gluteal region.
Will provide a more complete adjustment range for more complex setups.
Provides adjustment through the lower section using the hardware to relieve the gluteal region.
Will provide the most supportive solution for most bariatric users.
Scripting Scripted by the back support height.
Scripted by the back support height.
Contour the support surface by adding and removing foam cubes.
Scripted by the support surface length.
Contour the support surface using the hardware adjustment. See the next page for script tools.



XLella Vigour CushionXLella Classic Cushion
(Available in Standard Contour)
The XLella Vigour with Standard Contour height, being a less complex and non-contourable option, is ideal for more active users who require a sturdy base of support and high degree of stability. 
(Available in both Standard and High Contour)
The XLella Classic which is available in either Standard or High Contour, features the renowned Spex Strategic Positioning Base, enabling the cushion to be configured to solve many different pelvis needs.