Foot-Fast Ankle Stabilisers



Spex™ Footfasts

Careful positioning of the feet is critical as it indirectly influences the position of the pelvis and affects the overall stability of the user. Spex Footfasts have a unique shape that anatomically surrounds the ankle for superior comfort and support.

Sold in pairs. 

The Spex™ Footfast Advantage:

  • Soft comfortable pads contoured for a snug fit
  • Buckle fastened and tension adjustable for quick fitting
  • Attachment hardware included
  • Unique Posterior strap option adds an extra anchor strap at the rear of the users foot for even more stability and control for the users feet.

Standard Foot-Fasts (without posterior strap)

SizeCodeInner Circumference*
Small1401-6161-01715-23 cm
Medium1401-6162-01722-30 cm
Large1401-6163-01726-38 cm


Foot-Fasts with posterior retainer strap (adds extra hold to the Foot-Fasts)

SizeCodeInner Circumference*
Small1401-6165-01715-23 cm
Medium1401-6166-01722-30 cm
Large1401-6167-01726-38 cm

* Circumference is measured at the top of the padded wrap which sits around the ankle-bone height.