Spex Calf

Spex Comfort Padded Calf Strap on Wheelchair

The Spex family of calf support options includes a basic neoprene calf strap, a deluxe comfort padded calf strap and a calf panel option for full calf support.

All calf support options feature adjustable attachment to the wheelchair using straps which fasten behind the support.

Soft water-resistant pads maintain their shape to support pressure-distribution for the calves.

Deluxe comfort padded calf strap option features a layer of pressure-reducing foam infill for the ultimate in calf support.

Calf Strap
Calf Panel
Wheelchair Width Calf Strap Height Calf Strap Length Basic Neoprene Calf Strap Code Comfort Padded Calf Strap Code
10″ 50mm 260mm 1402-6070-017 1402-6170-017
12″ 50mm 310mm 1402-6071-017 1402-6171-017
14″ 70mm 360mm 1402-6072-017 1402-6172-017
16″ 90mm 410mm 1402-6073-017 1402-6173-017
17″ 90mm 435mm 1402-6074-017 1402-6174-017
18″ 110mm 460mm 1402-6075-017 1402-6175-017
20″ 130mm 510mm 1402-6076-017 1402-6176-017
Custom Custom Custom 1402-6077-017 1402-6177-017
Wheelchair Width Calf Panel Width Calf Panel Height Calf Panel Code
14-15″ 14″ 8″ 1402-6314-017
16-17″ 16″ 8″ 1402-6316-017
18-19″ 18″ 10″ 1402-6318-017
20″ 20″ 10″ 1402-6320-017
Custom Custom Custom 1402-6329-017

12 Months


When should I use a Calf Panel instead of a Calf Strap? 


For full clinical details on the differences between these options you can read the blog ‘Lower leg support considerations in wheelchair seating’ here.