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Spex™ accomplishes what the seating clinician desires, and what the user needs. Spex™ delivers an uncompromising wheelchair seating choice packed with CLEVER ADVANTAGES that provides a blend of form and function.

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Supershape Back Support


Create shapes, contours and comfort for wheelchair users, with the new SuperShape back support’s extreme contouring capabilities. Super Shape provides postural integrity, pressure relief and moulding to individual trunk shapes of various patients. Click here to be notified of updates as new Spex products become available.

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Lateral Scripting Video

Watch and learn from Bruce Mascull, as he explains the process of scripting Spex lateral trunk supports, the different applications of lateral supports, and where each Spex lateral product is best used.


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We love to hear feedback from therapists using Spex Seating for their clients! Here are some great tips we recently received from a New Zealand OT: 

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for visiting the three clients with us today. Wow – we learnt a lot, and now feel more comfortable using the Supershape back support and head supports after the session. And the biggest bonus - the clients are in a better position! Here’s some tips that I have jotted down after our session:

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