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Other Updates

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made some improvements and added extra features to our standard back support shells! 

A column of horizontal inner slots have been added to shells 12″ and wider, that allow for more width adjustment for all mounting hardware:

  • You will still be able to mount at any height using the regular mounting slots.
  • The new inline slots allow for a wider back support to be mounted on a narrower chair.
  • In the past, this inline mounting was only possible using our Quad mount width adjustment brackets. Now that it’s built into the shell, you can use all the mounting hardware, saving cost and setup time.
  • Quad, Dual and Heavy-Duty brackets can be mounted inline in 25mm increments. Drop mounts can be mounted inline centrally.


Shells above 11″ wide now have two lower strap shoulder harness slots:

  • These are an alternative to the D-links, which will still be provided with harnesses.
  • Two slots are positioned on each side for two height options.
  • This saves setup time and allows the back support to be removed with the shoulder harness attached.

The fold location position has been improved:

  • Building upon engineering and body shape data, fold positions have been updated.
  • This provides a better shape and fit for the user’s trunk shape – for a back support range that scales to the human body.
  • The Spex logo has been added.
  • The amount of velcro has been reduced for easier cover changes.
  • The 22″ and 24″ wide back supports have been removed from the standard range – these sizes are now covered by the XLella range.
  • Adaptable shells (that are cut down for some custom sizes) only feature slots incline and updated fold locations. They do not feature the lower strap shoulder harness slots or the Spex logo.

Hugo James, Lead Engineer of Spex, discusses these updates