Spex Circle
Head Support

Unique minimal head support providing direct posterior support for users with good head control.

The Spex Circle Head Support features a minimal and discreet shape ideal for users with good head control. Its shape promotes a high degree of comfort through superior occipital shaping while putting focus on user not the chair.

Spex Head Support pads are constructed from an internal aluminium shell covered by an injection moulded polyurethane foam to ensure smooth and comfortable support surface. The family of head support shapes have been geometrically and biomechanically designed to give greater support and stability for head positioning for wheelchair users. Along with the versatile Spex Stylo hardware, it’s possible to accommodate an extensive range of head positioning requirements.

Available in two sizes the Circle 150 and the Circle 250.

Previously known as the Square Head Support Pad.

Spex Circle Head Support

The following weights do not include the Ball Mount or Stylo Mechanisms.

Style Total Weight
Circle 150 295g
Circle 250 500g
Style Circle 150 Circle 250
Code 1275-0011-000 1275-0012-000
Width (A) 175mm 220mm
Depth (B) 55mm 70mm
Height (C) 145mm 185mm
Bottom Thickness (D) 45mm 60mm
Top Thickness (E) 25mm 30mm