Because Every Body is Different

Every wheelchair user is different, with their own individual needs and this own unique set of challenges.

A solid foundation is the base for a stable posture, requiring a cushion to support the user’s pelvis for their unique physical requirements. Which is exactly what the Constructa cushion does.

Our Most Anatomically Adaptable Cushion

The latest research shows that asymmetric limited hip flexion is closely linked to the development of other conditions, including pelvic obliquity, trunk asymmetry, scoliosis and windswept hip distortion.

A wheelchair cushion that can accommodate asymmetrical hip angles is able to maintain or improve posture over time, instead of contributing to the development of other postural conditions.

The Constructa system is a range of modular cushions which can adapt to accommodate complex postural needs for users of all ages. From simple seating requirements to the most challenging demands, the result is better seating which minimises pressure while maximising comfort.


Available in 14″ – 20″ Widths

The simplified version of this innovative modular cushion features a flat base with positioning blocks and contouring pads designed to deliver refined support which can be adjusted for the individual user.

Thigh supports and ischial well can be adjusted to accommodate rotation, growth (with seat depth and width adjustments) and to offload high-risk pressure areas. The ischial insert and overlay also help to distribute and reduce peak pressure points.

Who can use
a Constructa Cushion?

The Constructa range of cushions was designed to accommodate and compensate for a wide range of symmetric and asymmetric postures.

Users who will benefit the most from this highly adaptable system include…

  • Those who need to balance, stabilise, and maintain positioning of the legs and pelvis.
  • Those who need pressure relief under bony prominences.
  • Those who may need changes in position due to growth or surgery.
  • Individuals leg length discrepancies, wind-swept, pelvic obliquity, pelvic rotation, posterior/anterior pelvic tilt.
  • Individuals with a moderate risk of pressure injuries/decubitis pressure sores.
  • Individuals with adduction and abduction of the legs.

Clinical Applications

The ground-breaking design of our cushion gives therapists the ability to create a configuration which satisfies even the most complex postural requirements. In doing so, the Constructa Cushion will help…

  • Prevent the ischial tuberosities from sliding forward.
  • Provide offloading of the ischial tuberosities.
  • Obtain correct hip angles and flexion angles of the thighs.
  • Maintain correct transverse thigh angles.
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