Spex Stylo
Slim Mount

Stylo mount solution in a smaller package, ideal for tight spaces

Compact head support mount for setups with limited space, particularly power wheelchairs – to be used in conjunction with the Spex Stylo head support.

The Stylo Slim Mount is a compact version of the standard Stylo Mounting Block which attaches to the wheelchair Back Support, and is suitable for use in situations where space is limited – particularly power wheelchair systems.

User-friendly in constrained spaces, the Slim Mount features a unique height-adjust mechanism which can be accessed from above. The result is a compact solution for situations where rear access to an adjustment lever is limited. Adjustments are made by simply using a 5mm Hex/Allen Key.

The Stylo Slim Mount provides a compact and lightweight solution for mounting head supports.


Product Weight 125 grams
Width 71mm
Height 30mm
Depth 40mm
Product Code 1274-4140-200