Research & Development

The science behind the seating

Spex strives to constantly deliver unique seating solutions that are effective and deliver results for user, clinician, caregiver, technician and funding provider. Our R&D team has strong experience within the manufacturing sector and we have handled and developed experience in a very wide range of materials and manufacturing technologies. Research and development at Spex is the means by which we identify, create and perfect solutions that help the lives of people who are wheelchair-bound.

We listen

We listen to feedback about our products and also to daily problems and anxieties that abound in our industry then discover the route to overcome them. By listening and paying attention means we can continue to deliver our mission with helping lives.

Designing to Shape Better Lives

It all starts with what products can make someone’s life easier, safer, more enjoyable and more comfortable. We are driven to help world-wide Spex distributors aid lives and provide the needed product solutions.

Creative strategy

This is our strength. We have the fortitude to think 'outside the square' and constantly look beyond the immediate bounds of our own company in our search for ideas and in our endeavour to 'Shape Better Lives' for our customers. This stems from a strong desire to bring new ideas to market and to collaborate with different markets. The Spex research community is focused on improving performance, reliability, durability and sustainability. 

Environmental consideration

During research and development, Spex evaluates the potential environmental impacts of a product and how to increase its sustainability. We believe that everything produced by industry can contribute to a healthier world. Are beneficial, safe & healthy for individuals and communities throughout their life cycles.