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The Spex Academy team works in conjunction with our distributors globally in offering training and educational programs that provide clinical and technical information, product features, and the Spex methodology of obtaining the most effective seating results for your clients!

Attendees include seating clinicians, Physical and Occupational therapists, technicians, case managers,  funding body staff, and our enthusiastic Spex distributors.

Spex Academys are fun and interactive presentations that will engage the clinician with the objective of promoting optimal positioning, function, ease of use and overall faster results when performing and prescribing seating for persons in wheelchairs.

Events involve case studies and "hands-on" interaction with Spex products, giving attendees the chance to learn strategies when creating successful clinical outcomes for complex positioning needs.

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Immersed and Enveloped Positioning Webinar

Dementia is a progressive condition that affects both cognitive and physical functions. Avoiding postural distortions linked to reduced body scheme awareness and spatial awareness is of particular importance to maintaining comfort, engagement, and quality of life.

Jo De Clercq, Physical Therapist, will share his experiences in the management of this condition and a case study to illustrate the benefit of stabilized and informed positioning using Spex seating technology and the effect this has had on function and formal carer support.

Bridget Churchill, Occupational Therapist & Spex Clinical Educator, will identify modular seating solutions that can meet this informed positioning need.


Learning Objectives:
  • Understand why postural changes occur in persons with Dementia, and how we can offer clinical solutions to provide improved body sense.
  • Be aware of changing seating needs for persons with Dementia as the condition progresses, and why it is critical we understand when to respond to this to avoid preventable postural distortions.
  • Identify possible seating solutions that can respond to changing need, considering the need for immersion, envelopment and stabilization.


Date: 30 September 2021

Time: 14:00 BST

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Presented by:


 Bridget Churchill                             Jo De Clercq

            Spex Clinical Educator & OT       Guest Speaker & Physical Therapist



Academy Feedback: 

  • “Thank you so much … that was very informative.”
  • “Loved the webinar - amazing! Thank you.”
  • “Really informative and useful… having access to the video recording is perfect!”
  • “Thank you so much I thoroughly enjoyed it!”
  • “I most enjoyed outlining the different foams and adjustments available [and] the postural accommodation explanation”
  • “Great session – thank you!”
  • “Just so practical - great to see things in action and have that visual - very helpful compared to just words.”