We are very proud to introduce our new Spex Seating ambassador, the inspirational Matt Hampson OBE.

Matt suffered a catastrophic injury in 2005 during an England Under-21 rugby training session, which left him paralysed from the neck down and breathing via the aid of a ventilator. Matt tells us that after spending some time thinking ‘why me?’, his mindset flipped to ‘why not me?’ and he decided to focus on everything he could still do and get busy living.

After years of using traditional moulded seating, Matt was recently fitted with a full Spex Seating set-up including a Spex Manta Back Support, Spex Classic SuperHigh Contour Cushion and a Stylo 260 Head Support with Spex Extended Lateral Head Support Pad.

Matt tells us that his physio is always talking to him about posture and how important it is to be positioned correctly in his seat – we’re sure a lot of people can relate!



Matt says he recommends Spex Seating due to the key combination of being simple but also highly adaptable. Spex is a fairly new brand in the UK; however, more and more people are discovering it’s benefits every day.

Matt established the Matt Hampson Foundation in 2011 to help others like him receive the support they need to rebuild their lives. Spex Seating Product Specialists, Ross and Freddie, recently spent a day at the Foundation’s head quarters – The Get Busy Living Centre, where they got to see some of the life-changing work that happens there.

Watch the video below to hear about Matt’s story and see the important work his Foundation are doing to help others like him.

Scroll down to find out more about the Spex Seating products that Matt uses to help him stay as comfortable as possible in his Powerchair.


Spex Seating

Matt is set up with a  Spex Classic SuperHigh Contour Cushion which creates the optimum pelvic foundation, enveloping his hips and legs and providing ideal pressure redistribution all over the seat cushion.

The fully adjustable lateral wings of his Spex Manta Back Support ensure the right support is given in the right places. This lightweight but solid aluminum back support is shoulder height and has deep contour lateral support, providing exceptional trunk stability.

Finally, his Stylo 260 flip-back head support is engineered to offer unparalleled adjustability and allows for ease of transfers. It is paired with a Spex Extended Lateral Head Support which has been specially designed to meet complex head positioning needs. Comprising of a posterior head pad with extended support along the suboccipital area, it promotes head positioning while the head rotates. The lateral section extends forwards to support clients with low tone and keep the head contained within the head support.

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