“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” – the mantra by which Taps lives.

Taps became a wheelchair user after a serious work accident and surgical implications that left him paraplegic.

It was originally a work accident and then I actually found out that I had a compression up in my thoracic spine so I had another surgery, so that surgery caused me to be paraplegic.

Now taking life day-by-day, Taps focuses on the things that are most important to him, including spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, and watching rugby.

Taps spends long hours in the community with his family and being comfortable is his top priority. His wheelchair is fitted with an XLella2 bariatric back support which empowers him to get out and about to do the things he loves, as he describes below:

I would recommend the XLella to others, it doesn’t feel like I’m sitting in a wheelchair at all.