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Girl in pediatric wheelchair
Back support layers.
Back Supports
Back Support Hardware
Spex Cushions
Head support demonstrated by a person in the wheelchair
Head Supports
Head Support Mechanisms
Head Support Pads
Anterior Trunk Support
Anterior Trunk Positioning
Demonstration of the Anterior Pelvic Supports
Anterior Pelvic Positioning
Lateral supports close up.
Lateral Trunk Supports
Lateral Support Pads & Covers
Close up of the lateral pelvic thigh supports in use on a chair.
Lateral Pelvic/Thigh Supports
Medial Thigh Knee Supports
Medial Thigh/Knee Supports
Close up of arm supports
Arm Supports
Limb stabilizers in use
Upper & Lower Limb Stabilisers
Wheelchair padding- foot plates.
Wheelchair Padding
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