Paediatric Lateral

Fitting all the benefits of the renowned Spex lateral supports into a small package suited perfectly for kids!

It’s slim componentry allows for easier placement of the lateral support because positioning lateral supports can be tricky on paediatric wheelchairs where there is limited space for additional accessories and attachments.

Introducing the Spex Paediatric Lateral Support
How to Script Spex Lateral Trunk Supports
Mount Types
Paediatric Lateral Dimensions
Axial Adjustment
 Standard (Rear Mount) Forward Mount Cane Mount
Left Hand Side 1266-2623-100-L 1266-2623-200-L 1266-2623-300-L
Right Hand Side 1266-2623-100-R 1266-2623-200-R 1266-2623-300-R
Bracket Weight 0.15-0.25kg

Range of adjustment available within the Axial lateral hardware. The top lateral is using the Forward Mount and below is the Standard (Rear Mount) option.