Spex Seating Stories

Lucy (not her real name) is well known to our service and we have been struggling for several years to get her seated adequately in her wheelchair. She was referred to me again after increasing concerns regarding difficulty positioning and poor oral intake.

Her previous seating has been custom foam’n’place moulded insert which we regularly had to re-do or carve out to meet her progressing postural changes. I decided to try the Spex backrest on this intervention but was unsure if it could accommodate her severe deformity.

I was very pleased with the result and combined with a custom cut foam cushion Lucy is well supported, has increased her oral intake and is interacting more with her environment.

Hannah a senior New Zealand occupational therapist says the SPEX seating range is “unsurpassed” when it comes to providing postural support for her physically challenged and disabled wheelchair-bound clients.

“The range of modifications and adjustments that are available make the products so versatile, particularly when it comes to providing lateral support and a contoured back.  I haven’t found the same degree of flexibility with any other standard product range.”

Hannah has worked with both adult and child clients and started using the SPEX product range, developed by Medifab, around 2008. “I loved using the products straight away and have been a fan ever since. I am now really familiar with the products which allow me to tailor solutions to my clients’ needs and capabilities and adjust the solutions as we go along to maintain effective seating and positioning.”

Melbourne-based neurological physiotherapist Carlee Holmes enjoys the quality and flexibility of the SPEX wheelchair seating range from Medifab.

“The products provide the flexibility to make adjustments on-the-spot, rather than having to slice foam or organize custom moulding. For complex seating, the SPEX products provide a great first base.”

Carlee works in the public health system, and also in private practice at Synapse Physio (www.synapsephysio.com.au), where she treats young adults and adults with disabilities related to a range of neurological conditions including stroke, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.